My style is simple and practical. I am an organizer and enabler who likes to work and have fun coming up with creative ways to help you communicate.

I have worked in the design industry for over 25 years in the US and Australia. Before the online world emerged, I worked in the world of photography, prepress and print. From 2000-2005, as e-commerce was emerging, I led the web development team at Hanna Andersson as their Graphic Designer and UX/UI Designer. Recently my work has been with IVT Group helping NASA Glenn Research Center improve their Technology Transfer.

I freelance for small and large companies working on their marketing strategy through print and digital design, website UI/UX design and SEO. I specialize in working with clients to develop a visual plan that will best communicate their products and ideas to the intended audience.

Why Strategize with Me

I love to solve problems. The idea of taking something very complicated and making is simple is what I do best. The harder the audience is to please the more enjoyable it is to find creative way to change their mind.

Why Design with Me

I believe good design is driven by a good strategy. I want everything I design to motivate action or build relationships. Organizing information and simplifying the message is what makes me sing.

Why Contact Me

If you need a creative designer who is a good listener, hard worker and practical. If you are looking for someone who will push to find more efficient and creative ways to reach your audience. If you need someone who wants you to succeed and can help enable you to be push your purpose forward.